Size guide and morphology advice





Which swimsuit if I have a small breast ? 

Favour a padded swimsuit to bring volume to your breast : the shapes push-up, fringed triangle or strapless will enhance your low-cut neckline.

Avoid : The triangles.

Which swimsuit if I have a large breast ? 


Favour the shape underwired with balconnettes to insure a full support. Fot a better confort, choose a 2 strapped bra. 

Avoid:  Triangle swimsuits but however it's possible to wear triangles with bigger and resistant straps which will insure you the best support. 

Which swimsuit if I have a round belly ? 


You have the choice between: 

 • A one-piece swimsuit with a nice low-cut neckline, which will hide your curves and enhance your breast. 

 • However, if you select a two piece swimsuit, succumb for the tankini, or for a bottom lightly or totally high rise waist to control your figure. 

Little piece of advice : 

 • A swimsuit with a large belt can hide your curves.

 • Drapped swimsuits are ideal to refine the waist. 

Avoid : The low waist that mark more your curves.

Which swimsuit if I have large hips and bum ? 


Opt for a skirt shaped swimsuit or a shortie which will reduce the appearance of the hips. 

Avoid  : The bikini pants and the low waist which mark your curves. 

Which swimsuit if my chest morphology is larger or thinner ?


Opt for the mix and match swimsuits, you will avoid to have a top that fits larger than the bottom or vice versa. 

Which swimsuit if I have a thin figure ?


You can wear everything ! Bikinis, one-piece swimsuit or trikini, opt for originality ! 

Which swimsuit according to my skin colour ? 


If your skin is white or need a long time to get a tan, favour bright colors to make your skin look darker : red, blue, black and dark colors... 

Avoid pale colors such as yellow, white and orange tones who will melt into your skin tone. 


For the lighter skin tones or if your skin becomes red easily, the dark colors are all indicated but also pastel colors: turquoise, pink, coral, grey but also dark blue or black. 

Avoid bright colors. 

Light and gold skin tones which get a tan easily, the warm colors will be great for your skin tone.

Yellow, orange tones, red and also brown/gold tones will enhance your tan.


For the lucky one with dark, black or tanned skin all year long, all the colors will look fabulous on you. 

Anyway, if you desire enhance your skin tone, play with the contrasts with colors such as white or yellow. 


If you have any doubt, you should know that black and chocolate brown are timeless for all skin tone !